As a production company, The Palace is a space to make creative dreams a reality, to propose your wildest ideas and watch as they develop through support of the community. Not only do we have a diverse portfolio of artforms, skills & experience, but a collective mentality that makes shit happen. Get in touch.

Previous Collabs :

Retallak Films for Major League Baseball, Paris & Berlin: Casting direction and location scouting for Major League Baseball promotional video featuring young creatives and their lives in Berlin & Paris. Watch Video.

Meadows in the Mountains Festival, Bulgaria: We are collaborating with MITM this summer to bring ‘The Palace Theatre’ to the hills of Bulgaria; a mad collision of experimental film, theatre, karaoke, scratch performance, balkan song, drag and live scores to film. MITM site

Puder Pink Exhibition, Puderraum Berlin: A month long exhibition in celebration of all things pink; we designed a creative menu of pink food and drink for the opening and closing galas. Review by The Commission.

Alexis Akrovatitakus “Jostka”, VSIA Rīgas Cirks, Riga: The Palace supported Alexis Akrovatitakus’ in the development of his new show solo show ‘Jostka’, in which we produced the promotional film, ‘The Endangered Man’ and premier events at Riga Circus, Latvia, and Holtzmarkt 25, Berlin.

Salteli The Band: Production of the up and coming jazz quartets first music video and EP release, out early 2019, check them out here.

Ost Apotheke, Leipzig: Fundraising Event in aid of queer refugees, we brought a series of queer and refugee focused shorts to be screened, along with a opening discussion on social impact of grassroots film screening.

KopfUber, Berlin: Solidarity Party in aid of The Palace & KopfUber Community

Contact: or join The Palace Collective Group to share your ideas with the community.

Icon image by Jackie Riccio and Mick Burson