In our current cultural climate, saturated with entertainment, events and happenings, we can often be left with the feeling of being a mere spectator, isolated in a room with people we don’t know – and don’t dare to talk to.

Originating from our residencies in which all 250 participants are invited to sit down together every evening for dinner; we believe in communication, and creating environments that feed it. Our dining experiences invite palace chefs and artists into collaboration with local creatives in the cities we host; generating conversation and co-creation of events that provoke all the senses. We value genuine connections and approachable networks, using hand curated seating plans, personal introductions and participatory environments to make sure our guests and creators get the most out of our evenings.  

Palace chefs include Peter Chippy Grant and Callum Brunt of vegan restaurant Trewitts, and Helen Russell Brown, freelance chef and cake designer specialising in waste food projects and environmental impact. Previous events

The Palace Meets Berlin: Fasching Feast & Exhibition

The Palace Meets Bristol : Christmas Calendar Edition.