The objective of these programs is to generate exchange of creative practice and knowledge between communities that share similar goals, and to provide international network meet ups for collective members and anyone in host cities interested in finding out more.

‘The Palace MEETS… ’

This series is focused on bringing local artists, international palace collective members and community spaces into collaboration with one another in various ‘host cities’ around the globe. Each event is unique to the city & the relationship that develops between the international community and local artists & contributors.

Previous editions where held in Bristol December 2017 (immersive dining experience & exhibition), Berlin February 2018 (dinner, film screening & live music), New Mexico February 2019 (Meet & greet dinner with film presentation) Lisbon March 2019 (workshops, film screening, dinner and music).


‘FLASH Palace : in city residencies’

We just hosted the very first edition, FLASH Palace : Berlin in July 2019, which focused on collaboration between community spaces and local collectives in an exploration of ‘The Palace values’ within urban spaces. The event was co-created between local and international artists, and ran a program of 22 workshops, talks and performances over 3 days, all of which where free and open to the public.

Particular thanks to the community spaces and collectives who collaborated with us; Gelegeheiten Berlin, Sari Sari, Torhaus, XTRO Ateliers & Schalet Hermanstrasse 14, SoDa Labs.

Discussions are now underway to run FLASH Palace : Istanbul next spring!

Flash Palace photography by Mishka Kornai