This September 2019 we start the co-creation of our next chapter with the creatives, communities, and landscapes of New Mexico, USA, using the framework and tools we have developed in self-organisation and co-creation. Between the 5th - 30th of September we are hosting a series of open discussions, workshops, dinners and meetings with community leaders, local artists, subculture collectives, pioneers of alternative living, ecologists & local food producers. The aim of this is to start laying the ground work to run a 10 day co-creational residency in Carrizozo, September 2020.

Our spaces are always open for you to stop by, find out more and get involved. For our full events schedule see:

Whats the plan?

Sept 1 – 15: IN CITY RESIDENCY, ABQ & Sante Fe

  • Local Out Reach – We’ll be looking to engaging with the local community and any interested parties from ABQ and all over the US, with specific attention to meaningful engagement with local indigenous & hispanic communities.

  • Community Events - We will be hosting a series of events and open discussions inviting any interested parties to engage with the project and meet eachother.

  • Production & Build Sourcing - A team will be prepping all the materials & equipment we need before we head out to the desert.

  • Acrosanti Visit – Meetings with The Urban Laboratory, a cultural & architectural landmark of the South West, rich with inspiration, to discuss collaboration for The Palace 2020.

Sept 16 – 30: ON SITE RESIDENCY, Carrizozo

  • Site build & Sustainability – Initial phase of site infrastructure to be built including: rainwater catchment, eco toilets, tool library, banquet hall, school bus outhouse.

  • Crowd Funding Campaign & Shoot – A team will be developing a fundraising campaign and video shoot, capturing different artists & art forms in various landscapes of New Mexico.

  • Contributor Support & Comms - development of ‘The Palace App’ and internal comms system along with prep of accommodation & travel support for 2020 residents. Designing the 2020 contributor campaign, print content & web.

  • Local Out reach – developing relationships with the local community of Carrizozo

  • Business Development & Fundraising – long-term business plan to be developed along with sponsorship, funding and grants research.

  • Materials & Food Sourcing - meeting with local famers to develop sustainable food sourcing.

How can you get involved?

Get in touch! – We are looking for folks who are interested in bringing their energy, experience and influence to the project. This project is open to everyone from all nationalities and backgrounds, however in particular if you are local to New Mexico or the US and interested in helping out in some way, please email us (contacts at bottom of page). Particular areas for contribution are community outreach, in city events, build & site, production, business development & fundraising – But we are also open to anyone who is willing to be involved in any capacity - we will accommodate you!

What’s the financial reality?

We are non-profit, completely independent and volunteer run; until now we have been funded solely through the support of our patrons however we are currently applying for various grants and funding to start building a more financially sustainable future. We are looking for any financial support whether independent donors, sponsorship, grants or nifty money making ideas - please get in touch!

The Story : why New Mexico?

The Palace embraces its multifaceted & international nature, its identity being lead by the ever changing aspirations of its members. Over the past years our contingent of North American residents has grown, with particular representation of New Mexican and Los Angeles based creatives. With this came many discussions, particularly from New Mexican born artists, around the need of a collaborative arts based program that could offer a platform for the convergence of the different cultures, races, histories and backgrounds that New Mexico is home to. This peaked the interest of many of the European collective members, to learn about a different history, and work directly with the community. We found ourselves checking out various sites, chatting with local friends, communities and arts collectives in the state about their interest in co-creating a new project.

Things started to buzz and soon people where coming out left right and centre wanting to get involved. Our conversations lead us to meet Mike and Lea, part of the Pino Family who own a ranch down in Carrizozo on a 4 thousand acre piece of desert, nestled between the San Andres and Sacramento Mountains at the base of the Sierra Blanca Peak. After sharing visions of creative communities, both sides realised we were a match. 

Carrizozo visit February 2019

Carrizozo visit February 2019

All this for what?

To run a residency for people of all kinds in September 2020 that invites attendees to contribute to a new way of living, a creative outlook and method of having meaningful impact in the world. 2020 should host 150 residents for 10 days on the ranch site and in a secondary ‘Tech and Digital Arts Campus’ in the town of Carrizozo. The residency will end with a showcase inviting the public on a 3 day immersive experience of the world we have created. From this event we hope to generate an on going community based on contribution, international collaboration & collective support.





Contact: - New Mexico and USA interest - International Interest