‘We are here to create, not consume, engage not pacify, we ask you to be nothing other than willing.’

  • Trust & Responsibility 

  • Inclusion & Fluidity

  • Collective Experience & Support

  • Education & Development 

  • Creative & Personal Confidence

  • Collaboration

  • Contribution 

  • Inquisitive Play


  • To support the mental well-being and personal development of young people (22 – 35) within the creative industries.

  • To promote methods of self-organisation that facilitate the exchange of skills, knowledge and resources between diverse groups within the creative industries whether nationality, creative practice, industry, race, gender.

  • To generate and support grass roots cultural projects that offer access to educational workshops, performances & happenings to communities that would otherwise have limited access to these events.

  • To run events (creative residencies, symposiums, workshops, showcases & outreach programs) on issues relating to the production of arts and culture such as community engagement, self-organisation, mental health, cultural development, counterculture support, arts management and creative production.

  • To support international collaboration between independent and non-profit cultural groups, creative collectives and arts based individuals through our online platforms and networking events.

  • To provide online platforms that promote emerging artists, cultural projects and non-profit or volunteer run cultural organisations. 

  • To provide a pool of resources that support emerging artists in their transition into professional careers within the creative industries.