Piloted at The Palace Residency 2017, The Palace International Film Festival is a queer DIY film festival aimed at giving a platform to the LGBTQ voice and creating social impact through grassroots pop-up cinema screenings. With over 80 short films in our current catalogue from over 20 different countries spotlighting queer issues, PIFF connects queer talent with the non linear and non-conventional in our Palace laboratory, creating conversations and elevating experimentation for the residents and public to interact with.. The Palace Residency edition has a focus on emerging talent from Bristol (University of West England), Berlin and Wroclaw with screenings showcasing across different European communities and  experienced with multi-disciplanary artists, workshops and Q&A's.

Future Events :

The Palace Queer & Experimental Film Festival : Bristol, 14th - 16th March 2019

The Palace Theatre : Meadows In The Mountains Festival - June 6 th - 9th June 2019