The Palace Residency

The Palace Residency is the birthplace of the community. Held annually in a 700 year old Palace in Poland since 2016, each edition acts as an induction for new members, reunion for existing members and catalyst for The Palace’s ever changing identity.

The residency invites 250 creatives for a 10 day retreat guided by our values of contribution, collaboration and play. The residency is focused on developing cross discipline collaboration, creative and personal confidence and self-organisation of communities within the arts. Every attendee is asked to contribute in some way whether by leading a workshop, giving a talk, a performance or helping with the running of the site. Breakfast and dinner are also prepared and eaten together.

Mornings host a diverse schedule of workshops put on by the residents themselves and afternoons are for working on collaborative projects and personal development. Talks lead into evening sit down dinner and entertainment focused on sharing work in progress. Evening events include open mic nights, scratch performances, cinema openings and immersive experiences.

The residency climaxes with the Gala Showcase, in which the site turns into an immersive exhibition showcasing the work of the residents to an invited external audience. All work is professionally filmed and documented for the artists use post the event. The residency closes with a festival evening in celebration of the community created followed by a day of decompression and reflection.

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Icon image by Jackie Riccio


Future Residencies

We are taking a year off of The Palace Residency Poland, while we search for new and inspiring sites. Please sign up for to our mailing list to be alerted when applications open.

If you know of somewhere that is unique, can sleep 200 - 300 people (ideally inside), has power and is somewhat remote, please get in contact!


New Mexico Residency

Exciting news! We have a team working on the initial stages of starting a palace residency in New Mexico, October 2019. This event will bring palace artists and producers into collaboration with west coast and local indigenous creatives. Stay tuned on social media for updates and ways to get involved. The adventure will start heating up this coming February when our team head over the Atlantic to check out potential venues with our West cost crew.